The Seal-Rite Foundation Repair Specialists utilize both manual and machine excavation and specialize in limited access projects. Our Technicians realize the importance of doing things right the first time and understand that " Quality is not and act, it is a habit "

Foundation repairs should be left to the professionals, It's specialized work and if proper measures are not taken, it can also be dangerous. 




​- Maria from Winnipeg  /  Posted: Oct 19, 2015  /  Foundation Repair- Vertical Hairline Crack in Basement.
  " GREAT JOB!!!!! We had Dave with this team come to fix our foundation. Dave came to give us our quote, answered all our questions and provided us with the best quote. They came       and did the work they quoted us. Dave's team did above and beyond. Very kind and efficient! They will do the job that has to be done and will not give you the run around! "

- Kirk from Winnipeg  /  Posted: Mar 9, 2015  /  Foundation & Sump Pit...
  " Great Work. The foundation work was done in very clean and timely manner, the sump it has been a blessing and the installation on that was done quickly and at a very reasonable       price as well. I can sleep when it is raining now...I would recommend the work and the pricing. Excellent! "

  Thank You!

Chances are that you will own more than one home in your lifetime. As our needs change or our family's grow, we often uproot and purchase another home that better suits our needs. At Seal-Rite Foundation Repair, our Inspection Services can help to properly assess the condition of the homes foundation. We'll offer recommendations and if required a quotation for any necessary repairs and if a written report is required, well we do that too. Whether your a homeowner,

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